Welcome to Toine Dorpmans Groep.

Toine Dorpmans Group is a full-service event agency that specializes in special events and media projects. We ensure your message is communicated by creating an event and media as a total experience.

As leading professionals in combining full service events with media and communication, Toine Dorpmans Group creates custom designed concepts and transforms these into high profile artistic creations that deliver, outstanding quality and a sensational experience. The event and media are organised and perfected to the finest detail.

If, after viewing our website, you have specific questions or would like to know more about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help.



  • KWS Infra Sportday 2016

    KWS Infra Sportday 2016

  • Koopmans Brand of the year 2016

    Koopmans Brand of the year 2016

  • Carmen Bolero Aaltoo Ballett Theater Essen

    Carmen Bolero Aaltoo Ballett Theater Essen

  • Sperry Top Cider  Event

    Sperry Top Cider Event

  • Nuplex Open House

    Nuplex Open House

  • Grand Opening Flux Building TU/e

    Grand Opening Flux Building

  • APM Terminals Family Day

    APM Terminals Family Day

  • Welkomst Events voor het grootste schip ter wereld Maersk MC-Kinney Moller

    Welcome to the largest most efficient containership in the world of Maersk Mc-Kinney Möller

  • Grand Opening HBI

    Grand Opening HBI Tyres & Wheels Tholen

  • Grand Opening Town Hall Weert

    Grand Opening Town Hall Weert

  • Vandijke Semo 100 Years

    Vandijke Semo 100 Years


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